1.    No Fan Fiction or Copyright of any kind.
(Fan Fiction is when someone takes either the story or characters (or both) from either: books/comics, tv shows, cartoons, movies, etc., and creates their own story based on it.)
2.    No Bad Language, Adult Content, Overtly Violent Text or Artwork, or Includes Hate Content or Discrimination of any kind.
3.    All Content Must be Spell Checked (Twice!).
4.    All Artwork Must be Original (No Copyrighted Images).
5.    Content May Not Include Links or Advertisements to Outside Websites.
6.    Content Must be Written in English.
7.    To Protect Your Children, No Personal Identifying Information is Allowed in Their Stories (i.e. Home Address, Phone Number, Real Full Names of Friends or Family, etc.).


1.    All Uploaded Content Must be in an 8.5x11 format.
2.    Stories Must have a Portrait Page Orientation.
3.    All Stories Must be Typed and Spell Checked.
4.    Font Must be at least 30 Point.
5.    All Work Must Include a Title Page Featuring: Title, Author’s First Name and Last Initial, and Original Artwork.
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